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About the Book

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We all know that exercise generates numerous health benefits, alongside the aesthetics of a strong, lean, fit looking body.  However, modern day life often makes it difficult to find time for the gym, as our daily lives are jam packed with timelines, commitments, and daily surprises.  When we finally make time to go the gym, the next step of knowing what to do, when to do it, and how – is even more daunting.  None of us wish to waste precious time by doing something without seeing desired results. We all share the same common goals to lose fat, increase lean body mass, look and feel better.  Some of us may be new to the gym, or coming back from an injury – and are unsure how to begin.  Others, may have come to a stand still in their training; reaching a plateau and looking for a new way to train.  

The common question is, what’s keeping us from reaching those fitness goals?

For some, it’s the anxiety of entering the gym – mainly due to having no plan, and not knowing what to do.  For others it’s the stagnation of doing the same old routine and program over and over again.  Our lack of progress lies within not being informed as to how the body understands and responds to physical stress – exercise.  With countless experts in the field, the information is ever changing as science evolves at a fast pace.  Often opinions of those experts contradict each other, pulling us in different lines of thought.  Some advocate resistance training while others insist on cardio as the ultimate method to lose fat, gain muscle and so on.  This can be overwhelming to anyone wishing to understand research and apply it to their training.

The answers to all of your fitness related confusions are presented in this book.  A must have for any female who is serious about reaching her fitness goals – from a novice trainee, or someone returning to the gym after extensive leave, to a female experiencing plateaus and/or wishing to elevate training potential.  The three plus years of research and experimentation have been created into a system and presented in the simplest of terms. 

In this book the authors discuss how the body works mechanically and metabolically – what it does during exercise, and how it responds afterwards.  By understanding body’s interpretation of fat, calories and mechanical overload, the authors create conditions favouring desired results of stronger, leaner and healthier body.

This book has taken 2 Scientists – Victor and Dupinder:

  • 3+ years of research, experimentations, and interpretation of data.
  • analyzing and interpreting 100+ articles
  • reading 30+ health, fitness and training books
  • 1500+ hours to compile this information into an easy, compact book format.

What’s included:

This Book, along with easy to read chapters on every aspect of training, includes  1-year plus of periodized scheduled training that targets every body system towards Stronger, Leaner, Faster.  The benefits don’t end there as a BONUS Phase I has been included on top of the 1 year program, giving you a 60+ week training schedule.  This bonus phase is designed for women of every training experience, or who are coming back to the gym after extensive time period due to injury or life.

Topics discussed include:

Strength Training – principles and best methods for achieving a strong and fit body.

Metabolism – what happens before, during, and after exercise.

Hormones –  their involvement in an exercise session and body maintenance.

The Menstrual Cycle – it’s effects on your training and health.

Fat – 2 chapters are dedicated to the subject, from spot fat to female athlete triad considerations are discussed.

Energy Systems – how to maximize on ATP generation and tap into fat reserves towards achieving results.

Body Mechanics – integration of principles into training protocols generating an efficient body.

Setting Goals – understanding your wants and translating them into planned exercise stages.

The authors compiled material explaining what works, how it works, and why it works.  Finally, you now have a book that takes the guess work out of the equation. 

Table of Content

Book Length – 187 pages, 2MB download

Disclaimer and Copyright

Chapter 1: Strength Training: Evolution and History

Chapter 2: Resistance Training: The Principles

Chapter 3: Energy Systems, Fuel, and Metabolic Flexibility

Chapter 4: Fat Part 1: The Basics

Chapter 5: Fat Part 2: Taking Control

Chapter 6: Menstrual Cycle and Exercise:  A Women’s Perspective

Chapter 7: Strong Female

Chapter 8: Introduction to Strength   

Chapter 9: Strength Training and Anabolic Response

Chapter 10: Strength Training Methods

Chapter 11: Introduction to Power

Chapter 12: Fatigue, Injuries, and Recovery

Chapter 13: The Training Plan

Chapter 14: Few Words of Wisdom

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About The Author

About the Author


About the Training Phases

The Stronger Leaner Faster system is a complete one year training plan, structured daily sessions outlining precise exercise routines; while guiding the reader with explanations, direction and purpose of the program.

The Program – 60+ week training schedule plan towards a Stronger, Leaner, Faster self is now available in Phases below.  We recommend you start with phase I and move on consecutively from there.  However, you are free to choose a phase of your choice as per training goals.

Phase I: Anatomical Adaptation Hypertrophy aka Body Conditioning

12 weeks long phase introduces structural training, in from of dynamic warm-up routines, for body’s neuromuscular and endocrine systems.  The protocol is also designed to improve intra- and inter-muscular abilities such as balance, coordination, and neural firing patterns that may have declined over the years.  Majority of these corrections will be addressed through strengthening relationship between agonist and antagonist muscles and balancing the strength within them.  Developing proper form through greater flexibility and balance will also result in connective tissue benefits.  This benefit will increase integrity of overall musculoskeletal system reducing risk of injury during upcoming training phases. 

Phase I, is divided into cluster of Microcycles, each containing 6 training sessions.  These sessions extend over a two week period (three training sessions per week) with ample rest to ensure full recovery. 

First microcycle will introduce dynamic stretching, which entails and emphasizes importance of mental and physical preparation before the training session itself.  Different movements, some static, some dynamic will allow the body to engage itself though muscular contraction, vascular circulation, hormone release, and mental preparation. 

Second microcycle will introduce some free weight dimension to your training routines.  We will incorporate compound lifts as these exercises are the best overall training method.  Attention is given to learning the technique and form, using lighter intensity through greater number of repetitions. 

The last sets of microcycles will gradually increase progressive overload by producing more force through greater intensity and number of sets.  This will be balanced with less number of repetitions.  Training in such fashion will initiate more CNS involvement while encompassing formula for optimal muscular size and strength.

This phase is ideal for beginners who are new to training, or anyone who is returning to the gym after extensive leave.  If you are progressing through our SLF program, this phase is strongly recommended to prime your body for the progressive training ahead.

Phase II: Muscular Endurance

Women are geared towards endurance style training, utilizing greater concentration of their slow twitch muscle fibers while generating energy through increased fat oxidation to support physical activity in progress.  We are going to recreate such condition within our resistance training.

One of the more popular and effective volume routines is German Volume Training or GVT for short.  Phase II takes its roots from GVT but transformed into a version that compliments a women’s physiology.  This 12 weeks long phase will increase our exercise library and enhance muscular endurance.  The objectives of this phase are to train our bodies to become more effective in generating force.  This requires development of our neuromuscular systems in order to produce greater contractions resulting in recruitment of fast and slow twitch MUs. Phase II training, introduces elements of strength and muscular endurance through organized protocol.

Weeks 1-6 are Endurance Adaptation Stage (EAS)

The training focuses on compound lifts through muscle memory — which means performing these exercises at great volume.  This method is beneficial as it creates significant mechanical and metabolic stress eliciting favourable conditions for burning fat while building lean body mass. 

Weeks 7-12: Strength Endurance Stage (SES)

The training focuses on strength development by increasing intensity and decreasing volume of each progressive week.

Volume is a great program for its simplicity and effectiveness.  Let’s get started!

Phase III: Strength Training

12 weeks long phase III will increase your strength, along with greater lean body mass development.  The progressive results from this training phase will also depend on individual training background and adaptability to mechanical overload. 

Our 5X5 strength program is an amalgamation of some methods seen before while implementing newer lifting techniques and programming parameters.  Strength protocol is designed for individuals in beginner and intermediate training category.  The program is simple and very effective, it will require your focus and dedication as it will test you both physically and mentally.

The training program is designed in two stages.  Weeks 1-6 will be set as Basic Strength Stage.  Week 7 is flexible week and can be used to Deload (light weights).  The last weeks 8-10 will be the Strength Volume Stage, which is a climb to the top of the strength mountain.  In these weeks you will be applying all variables of progressive overload by increasing intensity and volume through greater frequency during same training sessions.  Week 12 is optional and is designed as a testing platform to determine your overall progress of the program.

Phase IV: Hypertrophy Strength 

HOLD IT!  Don’t just scroll by…as a female you might be thinking — Hypertrophy no thanks!  But, this is precisely what you need to build lean body mass and attain all the benefits that come with it.

Hypertrophy is defined as, the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells.  The word hypertrophy has become synonymous with Bodybuilding.  However, women should not shy away from this type of training.  In our Stronger Leaner Faster Her Training Book, we have discussed the benefits of building muscle and it’s importance in overall health.  We have also clarified the misconception of women looking like Arnold if they engage in weight lifting.  So, let’s move on and build some muscle.  In this phase, we discuss the science of hypertrophy, which principles are at work, and how it affects our bodies including neuromuscular, metabolic and endocrine systems.

This 14-weeks program consists of split training routines.  These routines will be based on antagonistic movements and presented in superset exercises.  Exercises for these movements and some training variables will vary between microcycles, in order to create different elements within progressive overload.  This phase will utilize several principles of resistance training — Neural Adaptation Stage (NAS) and Strength Development Stage (SDS). 

The goal for NAS is hypertrophy, endurance, and ability to produce more work over each microcycle through progressive overload.  This will be accomplished through body movements and compound lifts incorporating many different muscles. 

During SDS weeks, you will hybridize the training — incorporating strength, hypertrophy, and strength endurance.   Progressive overload equations will continuously be balanced by slowly decreasing repetitions (volume) while utilizing greater loads (intensity). 

Now, let’s build some muscle!

Phase V: Power Development

The main goal and focus of this 13-weeks long program is Power Development.  Power is a unique biomotor ability as it combines abilities of strength and speed into one entity, which comes with greater engagement of CNS, inter- and intramuscular coordination, and recruitment of the fastest muscle fibers (type IIA and IIB).  The exercises of choice are Olympic Lifts, often aimed at intermediate and advanced level trainees due to power and technique development.  Such trainees often possess lifting experience and developed CNS to recruit and synchronize MUs effectively in order to generate force.  Taking the above into consideration, this Power Development Phase has been designed for a broader audience; with novice and intermediate individuals in mind.  Power phase of this book will have different loading parameters by focusing on training (workout) density within each session.  This will be accomplished by combining exercises involving numerous muscle groups; while building power through speed, intensity, and volume.

As you progress through the training regime, your CNS will be pushed into overdrive in order to cope with prescribed volume.  As a result, CNS will become more efficient than ever before in recruiting fast twitch MUs.  Regardless of volume, the program implements plenty of rest days generating ample opportunity for appropriate adaptations and limiting risk of overreaching.

My Story

Hi, my name is Dupinder and I’m the co-author of Stronger Leaner Faster Her.  I’m 37, mother of two, and in the best health and shape I’ve ever been.  My results are the product of the Stronger Leaner Faster Her Program. 

My story is not the typical chubby girl turned skinny.  My humble beginnings stem from being thin most of my younger years.  Even though weight gain was not a struggle during high school, I battled my own insecurities including acne, breast size and being constantly sick while battling seasonal allergies.  During late teenage years in my everlasting pursuit for effective acne treatments my medical test results came back with high cholesterol.  My diet was poor and I didn’t exercise while consuming a slew of anti-acne medication.  Being thin and tall gave a false representation of my true health.  My battle with acne through consumption of prescribed medication had repercussions on my body through decreased immunity.  I was getting sick more often with prolonged times and severity, including increased inflammation due to seasonal allergies. 

In my early 20’s, like most women, my metabolism shifted and not in a favourable way – translating in my first 10 lbs (4.5 kg) weight gain.  As this weight gain occurred during university years, I instantly attributed this physiological flux to a busy full time student schedule, comprised of course load, part-time job and personal and professional commitments.  Justifying to myself why I was gaining weight didn’t bring comfort – as being thin was the entity that hid many of my insecurities, and now had began to dissipate.  Family and friends attempted to comfort my anxiety stating that this weight gain was normal course of life progression, developing with age and not an area for concern.  I’ve attempted to counterbalance my weight increase with weekend gym attendance, where I developed a hate-hate relationship with cardio equipment.

Post university, my mid 20’s, the weight continued to slowly climb.  Using the same counterbalance approach I diversified standard gym attendance into resistance training sessions utilizing universal 3 set by 10 reps (3X10) approach through cable and machine circuits.  The weight training plan of action along with caloric control measures had decelerated weight gain to barely noticeable measurements, equating to one to two pound per year.  After 27, my body’s metabolism shifted as if I walked through some biochemically transforming door.  My love handles (low back fat) and hips started to slowly and steadily gain size, as my jeans didn’t fit anymore – the stick was beginning to look like a pear.  With pear shape came wardrobe malfunctions as I ripped several pairs of my favourite pants and jeans.  Being flat chested, I was wondering when my boobs were going to get some of the “fat” action, but they never did.  I accepted the weight gain as inevitability and went about my life.

My chest finally got some size during my first pregnancy.  After having two children back to back, I kept over 30 lbs (13.5+ kg) of post-pregnancy weight and began to struggle both physically and mentally.  Besides the usual hips and thighs, fat storage increased all over my body including even bigger love handles, face, back and arms.  Bigger waist line continued to negatively affect my health.  As with many cases, I turned to western medicine, visiting every available specialist.  This strategy didn’t yield progress as my overall well being continued to decline.  By summer 2013, the weight increased once again, allergies were now a permanent entity manifesting themselves into sinus complications and headaches.  Such condition left me feeling tired and fatigued for any daily activities including playing with my children.  A trip to the local park was a survival episode, not only due to lack of energy, but overcoming an allergic attack bestowed upon me from the grass.

My first steps towards healthier self entailed the same counterbalancing measures used in the past – by returning to the gym while exploring new diet options.  I kept up this bare-minimum strategy until February 2014 – the turning point.  This was the second consecutive year where a seasonal flu turned into a serious complication, landing me several times in the emergency room.  After 3 unsuccessful courses of antibiotics, my family and I thought and felt my ever-increasing health concerns.  I did a bunch of tests and was running out of options.  Feeling helpless, tired, anxious, I was now contemplating surgery for developed sinusitis.  This was where my husband Victor had an open discussion with me, suggesting that I try an old fashion exercise and diet routine prior to deciding on intrusive procedure such as surgery.

I was at a crossroads and wanted to be healthier, while looking and feeling better.  This was the beginning of my journey towards Stronger, Leaner, Faster Her.  By this time Victor had his weight under control and was trying out new exercise programs.  The transition was not easy, especially home cooking, as I had to find time to plan, prep, shop and create meals for the whole family – topics that are covered in our The No-Diet Book.  Also making gym a priority was initially challenging but became a straightforward endeavour as physical exercise was no longer the goal, but the means to the goal of better health.  Victor and I began developing training plans encompassing physiology and needs specific to women. 

I found a gym with a good daycare so, my kids would be safe and taken care of during exercise sessions.  This allowed me to focus on my health so I can better take care of my family.  By then, I also seen Victor’s progress from the Stronger Leaner Faster Him protocol, and was confident that my efforts would yield results.  I began training slowly progressing through program schedule leaning new exercises and techniques.  I followed the routines and recorded my progress. 

Being a beginner, I quickly responded to structured exercise bouts which were accompanied with ever-increasing nutrition based diet.  Soon after implementing my new exercise and diet regime my allergies and acne began to decrease.  With continued protocols, my body began to change shape as love handles and hips were getting smaller, while glutes (buttocks) became more pronounced, rounder and tighter (the power of squats and deadlifts).  Finally, I was born with a flat chest, but now I earned a flat stomach!

Stronger Leaner Faster Her became the product of our research and experimental applications of training principles and protocols.  This was no ordinary exercise routines thrown together covering all body parts.  Together we extensively researched strength training applications, stress, fatigue, as well as body’s mechanics, physiology and biochemistry.  Having Science backgrounds allowed for a smoother and accelerated system development.  As we began to ask the right questions, we discovered not only what type of conditions the body responds to but also how it begins to counter and adapt to them.  Research data comprised from hundreds of scientific articles, academic textbooks, popular fitness books on the market, internet and other avenues possessing information of value.

The second stage was the practical training applications from high level athletes to average joes were personally tested, with trial and errors along the way.  Women’s physiology containing key differences than man’s was researched and applied to program design.  The physical stimulus formula was compiled from women’s objectives, and tested in the gym through manipulation of intensity, variety, frequency and overall volume.  Much of exercise strategy and drive came from my co-author Victor who has been training since 14 years old; you can learn more about him, his expertise, and his journey towards Stronger Leaner Faster Him here.  The two plus year research and experimental feat produced Stronger Leaner Faster Her protocol.  The foundation of the program still lies within improving strength and lean body mass.  However, the path of this one year plus journey tailored to women’s goals resulting in long, lean, sexy body.

And speaking of results … well, they are simply incredible.  Throughout this voyage I have steadily lost all of the post-pregnancy weight plus the extra 15lbs (6.8 kg) I was carrying around prior to having children.  Being 5 foot 7 inches tall (168 cm), I currently hover around 120lbs (54.1 kg), which was my weight in high school. I steadily dropped over 30lbs (13.5+ kg) while using Stronger Leaner Faster Her training while applying nutritional fundamentals discussed in the No Diet Book.  With my progressive health approach, my bodyweight has not climbed back up, but continues to change for the better.  In the two plus years I have attained significant amount of lean body mass while decreasing body fat deposits.  As for my allergies, they are a thing of the past.  I stopped taking anti-histamines and other allergy medication by late 2014 and haven’t looked back since.  No need to consider sinus surgery, as the headaches dissipated around same time period as my allergies.  Since the beginning of the training ascend, my overall health continuously improved including lowering hereditary cholesterol within the normal ranges.  My body and immunity is strong, fighting off incoming seasonal viruses and infections without medical interventions.  I am stronger, healthier, have more energy, and doing more things – I’m enjoying my life! 

For me, this protocol was more than just a training program towards fat-loss; it elevated my psychological state, and boosted confidence.  I started this journey over 2 years ago and the gained valuable experience, learning lessons along the way that transformed myself physically as well as mentally.  I am Stronger, Leaner, Faster in every sense of these words. 

Training doesn’t just build a body it builds character!

As a mother to two little girls, finding confidence and drive means a great deal.  The Stronger Leaner Faster Her program challenged my body and my mind.  Like anyone, the gym was the last place I wanted to visit while experiencing muscular fatigue.  But, I trusted the system, learned and completed exercises I never dreamed of doing.  Steadily moving through protocol phases has expanded my limits, teaching me new skills, working through insecurities, harnessing mental strength and physical power.  The notable thing about the gym is the instant gratification.  Loading the bar beyond your perceived limit and then successfully lifting it, immediately generates a fearless state of mind.

Today, I am very comfortable with my new/old body.  The mental and physical strength attained through this transformation has resulted in my health, happiness, confidence and drive.  I no longer measure myself against social norm (if there’s such a thing) or consider what others think of me, as I have my own goals and focus.  What started as the journey towards Stronger Leaner Faster has transcended into every aspect of my life.

This program is developed for busy women.  As authors, we understand what it’s like to not have enough hours in the day.  With all life commitments, demanding work schedule, family, kids, school, the last thing anyone wants is to spend time at the gym.  This program is not a “lose 25 lbs (~ 12 kg) before the summer” routines (with strong likelihood of gaining it all back afterwards).  The training foundation is designed to maximize human’s greatest ability – adaptation.  As part of your new lifestyle, you will have the same results year round and continue to excel and make progress.

This book, not only shows you what works and why, but also how.  It takes the guess work right out.  By having a planned training schedule that has been vigorously researched, planned and tested, you will begin your own journey towards Stronger, Leaner, Faster.  Throughout this book you will learn as much about training as you will about yourself; reaching goals once believed to be unattainable.

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This program is developed for busy women who are ready to take their health and fitness to the next level.  If your goals include losing fat, building lean body mass, improving your metabolism and immunity — Stronger Leaner Faster Her is for you!  As authors, entrepreneurs, full-time employees and parents, we understand what it’s like to not have enough hours in the day.  With all life commitments, demanding work schedule, family, kids, school, the last thing anyone wants is to spend time at the gym.  This program is not a “lose 25 lbs (~ 12 kg) before the summer” routines (with strong likelihood of gaining it all back afterwards).  The training foundation is designed to maximize human’s greatest ability — adaptation.  As part of your new lifestyle, you will have the same results year round and continue to excel and make progress.

Our program, not only shows you what works and why, but also how.  It takes the guess work right out.  By having a planned training schedule that has been vigorously researched, planned and tested, you will begin your own journey towards Stronger, Leaner, Faster.  Throughout our books you will learn as much about training as you will about yourself; reaching the goals once believed to be unattainable.

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Stronger Learner Faster Her Training Book

Phase I: Anatomical Adaptation Hypertrophy aka Body Conditioning

Phase II: Muscular Endurance

Phase III: Strength Training

Phase IV: Hypertrophy Strength 

Phase V: Power Development

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