Everyone of Us strives to be healthy – achieve optimum health.  We read, hear and speak about it all the time.  There is immense amount of information available on the topic, from various diets, fitness programs, lifestyle guides, relationship advise and words of wisdom.  Busy days filled with tasks, responsibilities and stressors of physical and mental domains; leave lasting affects on our mind, body and spirit.  Many of us view health in a simple two sides of a coin.  If we are not sick, then we must be healthy.  However, optimum health goes beyond just sick and healthy. 

optimum health running

OPTIMUM HEALTH – Our Inner Endears

We go through our daily motions – encountering, identifying and working on – which ever stimuli is waiting around the corner.  Whether we are aware of this or not, deep down inside, we all strive for the following:

  •  to be physically healthy by eating nutritionally-rich foods and exercising. 
  •  to be able to handle stress, feeling positive about ourselves and overall position in life. 
  •  to satisfy our curiosity either through knowledge, learning or socializing in various old fashion and modern forms.
  •  to have faith in ourselves and greater power, religious or other.

As people, we all lead our own unique life.  Therefore, each part of this puzzle may be bigger or smaller depending on our personal views, wishes and beliefs.


Human Beings are creatures of habit.  We strive to create a set schedule in our lives.  Though we crave stability, it is often a double edged sword.  Stability creates predictability, that provides us comfort, while decreasing chances for any negative surprises.  We try to create a sense of security and foresee the future of the next day or week.  Through this scheduling and following life routine we also unconsciously adapt different habits that slowly erode at the very core of our existence.  Habits like watching TV, as it seems irrelevant of what show is on, as long as we are sitting in front of it.

Watching TV leaves little time for anything else, such as learning something new, socializing, growing at a personal level.  With lack of time, we begin to feel trapped and frustrated within our current situation.  Our confidence begins to hinder, as a result we look for something comforting, to get out of this personal slum.  Food is often on top of the list of known comforts.  We gravitate towards foods high in calories and low in nutrition, gaining unwanted weight as the result.  This is the reality of our new habitual lifestyle that transformed from a perfectly comfortable ritual, into a tiresome ground-hog day.

STRONGER YOU – Your Road to Success

So, what exactly is optimum health? 

optimum health strength

We see it as Strength.  Strength to believe in yourself, to not be afraid and step out of your comfort zone; to dream, plan and go after your desires.  As you begin to live your life with less limitations, you will notice changes in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strengths.  Challenging yourself and pushing beyond your believed limits, will allow you to experience:

Physical strength – you will experience the truest definition of this word.  By taking care of your body through exercise and nutrition, your fitness will improve to new heights including all of the biomotor abilities (strength, flexibility, balance, speed and endurance).  Physical strength will set up a platform improving your overall optimum health.

Mental strength – you will begin to explore and satisfy your curiosity.  Whether it’s more reading, setting a new habit, a business or simply being creative in whatever you decide.  With growing confidence you will focus less on what others expect of you, and more on what you expect from yourself.  Your mind will become more calm, alert and attentive, as you begin to control your thoughts; rather then your thoughts controlling you.

Emotional Strength – we are often taught to be strong by keeping our emotions shut and in-check.  Keeping things inside, not speaking our mind, not sharing our thoughts, creates a lasting negative effect that damages us, our friendships and relationships.  Emotions need to be expressed in a positive way – talking, sharing, showing and inspiring others.  Achieving emotional strength is no easy task, as it requires courage.  Courage to go after what you want, need and desire, as scary as it maybe.  With time you will gain courage and learn to deal with stressful situation through dialog.  Expressing your feelings and thoughts, will eliminate the need to bottle them up inside and explode at unexpected times.  Through practice you will perfect this skill and will effectively communicate to people in your life, be it socially, professionally or personally.

Spiritual Strength – is the strength of our spirit and faith.  It’s the fire inside your chest that begins with a faint sparkle and evolves into raging flame as you begin to believe in yourself and your abilities.  It’s a whisper that with time grows in volume.  Faith in a higher power is also part of spiritual strength.  Wether you believe in God or the universe, your faith will allow you to see life in a different light with less anxiety and frustrations; and more beauty and happiness that was always there, but never noticed.


We are designed with great complexity.  This includes channelling daily energy and creating strong connections between our mind, body and soul.  Our strengths are inter-related, each affecting the other.  By having weakness in any of these categories, we risk failure within our overall system – Optimum Health.  By investing in ourselves and developing new good habits – trying new things, reading, growing personally and professionally –  we will continue to thrive physically, mentally and spiritually.  Subscribe to be notified of more exciting content.