The No-Diet Book:

Fads, Diets, Food Eliminations – Journey towards a Stronger, Leaner, Faster body

Table of Content

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Chapter 1:    Evolution: Food and Our Species

Chapter 2:    Protein: Discover the Possibilities

Chapter 3:    Carbs: Looking Beyond Sugar

Chapter 4:    Fats: The Good, The Bad and The Confusing

Chapter 5:    Micros: not a small matter

Chapter 6:    Water and Fiber: Lean Body Secret

Chapter 7:    Hormones, Metabolism and Appetite

Chapter 8:    Know Your Food: Organic and Conventional

Chapter 9:    Produce: Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter 10:  Meat: Cows to Chickens

Chapter 11:  Diary: Milk and Eggs

Chapter 12:  Grains: Wheat, Rice, Barley

Chapter 13:  Fish: Wild, Farmed and Organic

Chapter 14:  Food Eliminations: Fads, Diets and Lifestyle

Chapter 15:  Gluten-Free

Chapter 16:  Dairy-Free

Chapter 17:  Calories: In / Out

Chapter 18:  Alcohol: Fat, Calories and More

Chapter 19:  Re-Train your Palate: Sugar, Salt and Fat

Chapter 20:  Challenge #1: Sugar

Chapter 21:  Challenge #1: Salt

Chapter 22:  Challenge #1: Fats

Chapter 23:  Next Level: 2 Week Challenge

Chapter 24:  Life Happens: When and How Do I Begin?

Chapter 25:  Grocery Shopping: Modern Day Hunting and Gathering

Chapter 26:  Kitchen Makeover

Chapter 27:  Meal Preparation Tips

Chapter 28:  7-Day Meal Plan: Nutrient Rich, High Fiber, Natural Food

Chapter 29:  Recipes

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