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Food has been evolving alongside humans from the beginning of recored history – from hunting/gathering, to cultivation, to restaurants and grocery stores.  Today food is abundant and affordable as it has ever been.  However, this readily available resource is responsible for vast array of health related concerns.  To battle such modern day risks, most of us are employing specific food strategies through diets, food eliminations and/or calorie restrictions.  Capitalism style marketing complicates the issues with food fads, by confusing the answer to a simple question – what can I eat?

Be it fads or diets such as calorie restriction, low carbohydrate, high fat, high protein and others – research conclusion for such rigid nutrient consumptions note unsuccessful results relating to long-term sustainable weight loss.  Some of these diets may even negatively impact our weight management, metabolism and overall well being.

Food is more than just segmented marketing focal points of Gluten, Dairy, Organics and Caloric value.  It is a compilation of energy, nutrition, balance and satisfaction that is exhibited every time we eat.  This book discusses the information set forth empowering the reader about food and choices towards a well balanced, healthy lifestyle.  By understanding what the body needs, a nutritional vision is then created through variation of everyday food products.  The text goes beyond speaking to shedding a few pounds of unwanted weight.  The 2+ years of research and practical applications answer direct questions regarding body fat, improving metabolic activity and boosting energy levels.  Adverse topics such as cheat meals and alcohol are discussed in details, contrasting benefits and strategical considerations.  The plan also includes a gradual step-by-step system towards improving quality of life that is practical for any busy body, single or married, young or old.  Through science and practical application this book discusses food specific goals for:

  • balanced hormones
  • improved metabolism
  • improved energy levels
  • improved sex drive
  • lower body fat
  • increased lean body mass
  • improved circulatory system
  • improved fitness
  • looking and feeling better

The book’s content has been extensively researched, experimented and applied in real life settings generating stable, long-lasting results that are simple to understand and easy to follow.  The text advocates “the power through information” by placing the reader in nutritional control towards a healthy lifestyle.  The only thing left to do is start your journey through building knowledge towards a Stronger, Leaner, Faster You.

Table of Content

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Chapter 1:    Evolution: Food and Our Species

Chapter 2:    Protein: Discover the Possibilities

Chapter 3:    Carbs: Looking Beyond Sugar

Chapter 4:    Fats: The Good, The Bad and The Confusing

Chapter 5:    Micros: not a small matter

Chapter 6:    Water and Fiber: Lean Body Secret

Chapter 7:    Hormones, Metabolism and Appetite

Chapter 8:    Know Your Food: Organic and Conventional

Chapter 9:    Produce: Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter 10:  Meat: Cows to Chickens

Chapter 11:  Diary: Milk and Eggs

Chapter 12:  Grains: Wheat, Rice, Barley

Chapter 13:  Fish: Wild, Farmed and Organic

Chapter 14:  Food Eliminations: Fads, Diets and Lifestyle

Chapter 15:  Gluten-Free

Chapter 16:  Dairy-Free

Chapter 17:  Calories: In / Out

Chapter 18:  Alcohol: Fat, Calories and More

Chapter 19:  Re-Train your Palate: Sugar, Salt and Fat

Chapter 20:  Challenge #1: Sugar

Chapter 21:  Challenge #1: Salt

Chapter 22:  Challenge #1: Fats

Chapter 23:  Next Level: 2 Week Challenge

Chapter 24:  Life Happens: When and How Do I Begin?

Chapter 25:  Grocery Shopping: Modern Day Hunting and Gathering

Chapter 26:  Kitchen Makeover

Chapter 27:  Meal Preparation Tips

Chapter 28:  7-Day Meal Plan: Nutrient Rich, High Fiber, Natural Food

Chapter 29:  Recipes

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About the Author


Our Story


Our story began from the same roots as most people, likely yourself included.  The younger years had little consequence to overall health as the body was able to stay up late, party, and process any type of fast food for energy.

My – Dupinder’s – favourite meal was from the Golden Arches, where the burger, fries and Coke was enjoyed with a number of sauce options.  I often indulged in such meals numerous times per week – 2 can dine for $9.99 was my and my little Sis’ fave – each time perfecting an ultimate combination of barbecue sauce, McChicken sauce and ketchup used together to compliment those perfectly seasoned french fries.  My husband – Victor – was no stranger to fast food establishments either; indulging in Pepsi, fried chicken and whopper burgers.  For him, french fries were always on the menu which were consumed with excess amount of ketchup. 

It was our mid-20’s, when both of our bodies began to change – fast food began to have an adverse affect including indigestion and lethargy.  Fast forward to our 30’s, after having children, I was unable to lose 30 lbs (~ 13.5 kg) of post-pregnancy weight, meanwhile Victor’s bodyweight also continued to increase.  Victor attributed his weight gain as a sympathetic strategy for my pregnancy weight (lol).  We were now responsible for two young children, had less time and lacked energy to keep up – and things were only getting busier.  With kids in the picture, it meant little to no time to cook or prepare food – resulting in contracting out our meals.  For convenience, our take-out food increased to a daily ritual making up to 80% of what we ate.  This decision had further adverse affect on our overall health and appearance.  As the weight continued to increase, we constantly felt lethargic and had digestive difficulties after some of the meals. To top this off, my seasonal allergies were at an all time high – no longer seasonal, it was a year long of runny nose, congestion, drowsiness, followed by sinusitis.  Victor started to develop “seasonal” allergies, also lasting every season.

Experiencing continuous weight gain, lack of energy and poor overall health meant things had to change.  So, the standard response was to increase hours spend at the gym, along with modifying our diet and eating habits.  We limited consumption of all snacks including soda/pop, chips, donuts and treats.  I was trying to control my salty and savoury palate profile, while Victor battled his sweet tooth and belief that everything tasted better with sugar.  Lack of time to cook was still an important factor so, the next logical step was to change the take-out food into more “healthier” options.  Trips to the Golden arches and Colonel’s chicken shack were seized and replaced with sushi and sandwich shops.  Pizza was now ordered on a multigrain crust with “low-fat or light” cheese.  We hoped that this “healthier” change would be the answer to our weight gain and energy problems – but it did not turn out to be the case.  Our waist lines kept on increasing while energy levels were at an all time low.

After sometime of not seeing results, we finally gave in to the least popular solution – to make a difference we had to not only change our diet, but ourselves.  This meant educating ourselves about food and how it affects our bodies.  I began the research into different diets and products, starting with the latest fads, diets and lifestyle choices of celebrities as seen on TV and in magazines.  With B.Sc. degrees under our belts, we tackled vast amount of academic literature including research papers, nutrition text books as well as popular food books on the market.  Over the period of 3 years, hundreds of research papers and dozens of books were analyzed, and depicted information was tested through trial and error. 

Throughout this process, we tested numerous methods such as eating like bodybuilders, then warriors, then prehistoric humans, and also tried diet habits of different cultural circles.  We tried counting and restricting calories and eliminating and/or substituting certain foods.  During this journey, we kept an open mind by simply trying diet methods that were popular or available in some form or context.  Victor also tried a variety of weight loss supplements promising to work miracles, but failed to provide steady and permanent results.  All these diet endeavours were also paired up with different exercise sessions. 

At the end of our 3 year journey to the ultimate diet – we understood and realized the following facts.  For healthier lifestyle, the body requires good nutrition, physical activity, and rest.  For optimum performance – as required in this modern day, busy life – the body requires more than just energy from food we eat, it also needs nourishment.  We researched and tested why our bodies crave certain foods, how these habits are interpreted by our systems, and how we can change them.  This all boiled down to one important fact – we needed to control what we put inside our bodies.  To be successful at this, first we need to re-train our palate to appreciate sweet, salt and fat.  The best way to accomplish this is to cook more at home and make informed decisions when out and about at restaurants and parties. 

For any family – time is a premium factor, and we are no different.  Transitioning to home cooking was a big challenge that took trial and error, along with continuous practice.  Furthermore, it is also challenging to give up salty, sweet and fatty take-out.  Home cooking is one thing, but limiting the foods we are accustomed to and crave is a whole new beast to dominate.  After 3 years of extensive research and practical developments – the step-by-step program towards a stronger, leaner, faster you is now published in The No-Diet Book.  This text is a fusion of knowledge about what is food, how the body responds to it, and applications of this information.  To take control of your weight and health, you need to know the pros and cons of popular diets, and/or eliminating a particular food group.  Every aspect of nutrition and the body’s response, including hormones, has been extensively researched, analyzed and tested to deliver results found in this text.

And as for results – well, they are impressive to say the least.  I lost all of my post-pregnancy weight and then some, being able to fit into my old high-school jeans.  Around 30 lbs (~13.5 kg) of weight was eliminated through guidelines followed in The No-Diet Book while utilizing exercise program from the Stronger Leaner Faster Book.  My body transformation – losing body fat and increasing lean body mass – has also resulted in greater energy levels and overall quality of life and wellness.  Victor’s progress was even greater by dropping 55 lbs (~ 25 kg) of body weight along with body fat; while increasing lean body mass, energy levels and overall performance.  Both of our seasonal allergies, along with the length and duration of sick days is minimal to say to least. 

The No-Diet Book is written and designed for people with busy schedules.  Being a family with young children, we understand what it’s like to not have enough hours in the day.  With all life commitments, demanding work schedule, family, kids, school, the last thing we want to do is to count calories, grocery shop at different places to gather ancient grains for Palio pancakes, or hunt down organic, dairy-free, gluten-free bread.  Most of us don’t have time or are too tired to even put a 30-minute meal on the stove – myself included.

This book, not only discusses what is food, but how your body sees it, uses it, and stores it.  No more thinking about what to eat, or how to create a complete meal – The No-Diet Book takes the guess work right out of the equation.  The concept of food is simplified into primal building blocks that are necessary for the body and its maintenance.  Throughout this book you will learn as much about nutrition as you will about yourself – reaching new heights of personal health, energy, appearance and overall wellness.

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Diet’s don’t work! We all know this; experts have tested it; and some of us may even have first hand experience on the issue.  The No-Diet Book is a simple, effective, step-by-step, lifestyle movement towards sustainable results towards better health and leaner body.  

You are ready to build your Stronger Learner Faster Body with the power of food!

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