Our philosophy is simple – lead a healthy lifestyle.  Our goal, to create a strong, mind to body connection and learn how to channel energy in between the two.  Mind and body need to be trained together.  This statement goes beyond getting ready mentally for a training session.  It is the psychological environment, we create, that generates positive attitude, thoughts and self-image.

Healthy Lifestyle

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The physical part of this lifestyle equation consists of three components, each requiring equal attention: Nutrition, Exercise and Rest.  These three words are simple but encompass great depth of knowledge and information.  The mental part consists of – willpower.  Willpower is a complicated topic and we will further divide this into: discipline, routine and motivation.

Continued practice, within these disciplines, will result in gradual increase of: confidence, calmness and alertness; while you become stronger, leaner and faster.  This is the focus of our Blog – Science and Strength.  We read and interpret the science generating routines – physical and mental – in order to increase your strength.  Our core belief – mental and physical STRENGTH – is the way to lasting health.

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Healthy Lifestyle – THE BODY

Nutrition is fuel for your body.  It’s the source that provides energy – runs your entire system – allowing you to perform physical and mental tasks.  We all have different energy expenditures (metabolism) so, understanding and addressing these energy needs will significantly improve your daily performance and quality of life.  Understanding food, what to eat and when; will generate a solid foundation to begin attaining your set goals.

Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle.  Our mammalian bodies compose of different tissues, bones, muscles; which go through many chemical reactions including assembling complex molecules such as proteins, membranes, antibodies and hormones.  By supplying a steady state of physical stimulus, our bodies react by jump starting many of these chemical reactions in order to continue to perform work.  Again, being aware how your body works, and the kind of training it responds to, will lead you to success.

Rest is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  By design we need rest and can not survive without it.  Rest allows us to recharge our batteries, rejuvenate our muscles, top up chemicals that were utilized during the day and lower stress levels.  After proper training and nutrition, your body will go through bulk of the recovery during rest – to set you up for the next day.


Since we discussed what healthy lifestyle entails, the question is how do we get there?  We begin by taking responsibility for our decisions and take steps towards smart health choices from today and onward.  We also need to continuously engage ourselves mentally.  By having positive thoughts, believing and investing in ourselves, through knowledge – to never stop learning.  The more information you know about your body, the more control you have over it.

For example, lets take some nutritional words such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats- we need to eat all three.  But what exactly is a carbohydrate? Why do we need to eat it? Are there different kinds? Are all proteins created equal? What about fats; some fats are called super foods; while others are being banned.

Same style of questions rise when it comes to exercise.  What is strength, endurance, resistance training – why is it important.  Can you do less with more?  If so how?  Why some people run four-hour marathons while others exercise with free weights for 30-minutes.  How does your body react to a particular training or why does it stop (plateau).  Many throw words like “Genetics” into the mix.  What exactly is genetics and how does it affect us.

Rest is essential for recovery, balancing hormones and decreasing stress levels, but how can it be achieved within today’s schedule.  We live in a day-in-age where there is greater demand physically and psychologically then ever before.  We work, juggle jobs, school, family, kids, activities and there is only 24 hours in a day.  Due to our busy schedules, statistics show that our health risks have increased across every spectrum. 


To achieve healthy lifestyle is a method of trial and error.  We will attempt to obtain balance within our lives, which include all of the busy responsibilities mentioned above.  To begin this journey, we begin with balancing ourselves through smart choices in nutrition, exercise and rest.

This website is a platform for all of such discussions, and no topic is too small or too complex.  Together we will continue the path of personal development providing information on health and fitness topics, connecting philosophies of old times with latest research.  Stay connected with Science and Strength for all of information and tools to reach your goals.  Learn more about our The No-Diet Book and the Stronger Leaner Faster Book here