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There’s something very comforting and satisfying about a cup of hot chocolate on a cold, chilly night after trick-or-treating.  This recipe is sure to please the most discerning of tastes.  Our children have grown up on this recipe and love the taste of real dark chocolate and full fat milk.  It has a creamy texture from the milk, rich taste from the high-quality chocolate and mild sweetness from the sugar. 

healthy hot chocolate

For the parents, we also enjoy the taste and comfort equally but also appreciate the health benefits that come from making hot chocolate from scratch.

Whole milk is a complex food product which comes complete with protein, essential fats, sweet natural carbs (lactose), along with vitamins and minerals.

Dark Chocolate is an antioxidants rich food that help fight free radicals, improves mood, improves heart health, helps boost metabolism and increases fat loss to name a few health benefits.

Sweetener with homemade foods you control how much and the type of sugar is added.  If you are using cow’s milk, it tends to be naturally sweetened with lactose and you will require less sugar to sweeten the hot coco.  You can also opt for adding local honey or good quality maple syrup, instead of the artificial sweeteners added to store-bought pre-mixes to keep the calories down.

Preservatives and stabilizers — the list of chemicals on a box of hot coco pre-mix are endless and often hard to pronounce.  A home-made coco often has 3 ingredients at most. 

Homemade coco done right, not only tastes good but is also good for you!

Healthy Hot Coco Recipe

Servings 2, 8oz mugs.

2 cups milk of choice (we prefer 2% cow’s milk but alternatives will work well here also)

1 tbsp good-quality dark coco power*

1 tbsp of chopped 70-90% good-quality dark chocolate (taste dependent)*

1.5 tsp of white table sugar (taste dependent)

*if you don’t have coco powder or dark chocolate you can substitute equal amounts of the other ingredient. 


Option: Use a blender to mix all the ingredients and froth the milk, we use a Vitamix. 

Add above ingredients to the blender and blend until the mixture comes together. 

Add this mixture to a pot, whisk and heat through, enjoy warm.

Stove Top Method

If you don’t have a blender, then you can add all the above ingredients straight into a pot. 

Whisk the ingredients over medium-high heat, until the mixture comes together. 

Enjoy warm.

Happy Halloween!

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