You’ve been told from early age, the World is simply the way it is.  You need to find your place in it; make yourself part of it.  In your younger years, you were likely told to avoid trouble, go to school, get a job and become a functional part of society. 

But…What is trouble?

For some, trouble can be simply speaking out or wanting something different – “going against the grain”.  Going to school, getting a job, being a competent member of society, are standard benchmarks for most to strive towards.  Such statements slowly direct you into arranged social placements.  If you get there earlier in life, after your post secondary education, you are ahead of the curve; if not, then you keep pushing on until you do. 

Take a minute to reflect on your place within this world. 

You will likely note, a very narrow path of existence – similar to your parents, friends, acquaintances.  How did you get here?  Is this what you envisioned for yourself? Or did you simply follow the path you were told about.

Could your narrow path, may have been broader? Something else? Something more?  Can you still change the direction of YOUR life?

Indeed you can!

LIFE – How did you get here?

In life, you have likely come across many crossroads.  Some roads may have been safer and easier then others.  You know what you want, but do not believe in your abilities of getting yourself there.  So like any intelligent being, you create a rationale; a reason why you can’t do what you want, selecting a safer road that is easily attainable.  After several such crossroad decisions, you find yourself in a position where you may not be happy – your job, your personal life, your physical appearance.  Often our decisions are based on what others around us tell us to do.  Or what others have done prior.  Overall, our decisions and results closely resemble, the people around us – often set by them.

BELIEVE – You can do it!

Sooner or later, to change your life, you will have to – “go against the grain”. go against the grain

How do you do this? 

It comes down to one word – Believe.  This simple word covers the world, it’s history and future.  Humans are unique in the sense of their ability to choose, and more often then not the choices made are simpler and easier then the alternatives.  This has a lot to do with our ability to respond to stimuli from our senses, whether physical or psychological in nature.  Senses like sight.  You see something ahead so you believe it’s there.  Other senses like hearing, taste, smell and touch complete the picture and solidify your belief.  This is the conventional way of living your life.

The hard thing for you to do is believe in something without seeing it; without being able to hear, taste, smell or touch it.  This requires something else entirely.  It requires your emotional part (your heart) and your analytical part (your brain), to come together and make a decision without feedback from your usual senses.  In other words, you need to believe in something before you see it.  This is called faith.  Throughout human history faith and believe had been used interchangeably.

FAITH – Go for what you want!

As a species, as far as the early history records show, we have always believed.  Religion is the oldest form of this sense.  Faith – be it in God or something else – has kept us focused and driven throughout history and continues to this day.

Now, channel this same faith and believe in yourself, your abilities.  Decide what you are going to do and who you are going to be.  As you start making decisions that are more difficult, you’ll start learning things about yourself; about your other senses that were always there but were never utilized.  Senses like will, desire, determination, drive, and passion. 

Believing in something based on pure faith maybe difficult, but not impossible.  After all most of us believe in something greater – God.  If you have a little whisper in you heart saying, you can do more, you are more – give it a try.  Take a leap of faith and see where you will land.  By working on and developing new senses, you’ll begin to live this life as your own.  Doing things for yourself and listening to the inner voice in the sea of whispers.  This will be the starting point of you living your life.  Finding your true place in this world.

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