As time goes on, everyone’s life continuously becomes busier.  Aspects of life, be it personal, financial or social, presents new challenges that need to be resolved.   With age, the body naturally slows down some of its internal processes and begins to struggle with demanding and stressful schedules.  Falling further behind, the business of life begins to take its toll on the body and mind, by gaining weight, feeling rundown and lack of energy. 

At Science and Strength (S&S) we understand this predicament well as we faced the very same challenges a few years ago.  The good news is that declining lifestyle is completely reversible.  If you are ready for a change, then you have landed on the right page, please keep reading for factual and permanent solution!

About Us science and strength

Our Mission

To make you Stronger, Leaner, Faster—simply put AWESOME!

Some of you may feel that adding another commitment to already full schedule is the last thing you need and may sound contradictory to improving lifestyle statement.  But rest assure, S&S mission is to provide efficient methods towards health and fitness longevity. 

Our Philosophy

Why Us? 

We practice what we preach!  Both Victor and Dupinder hold Bachelor of Science degrees, keep up with the latest science and research on number of topics including Food, Fitness and Recovery.  We developed strong and lean physiques, maintaining them all year round! 

Science and Strength blog is the proof of our fitness success, as majority of the article photographs are impromptu and without any professional photographer or equipment.  We believe in being authentic, creating a result driven system – Stronger, Leaner, Faster self.  This philosophy continuously presented through the on-line content within published articles and social media.

Who we are Not:  We’re not a quick and easy gimmick, or a magic pill weight-loss and muscle building site.  If you ever tried programs that guarantee all the results in no time with minimal effort; you undoubtedly discovered that they don’t work and any physical changes are always short lived.  If you still searching for a quick fit-into-shape regimes — be sure to come back to us when you are ready for a change that works 🙂

Who we are:  We are a complete You building site in reference to Body, Mind and Spirit.  Building strong foundation focusing on internal systems, body mechanics and abilities, we incrementally progress through the fitness journey towards success.  En route towards personal goals, the body continuously adapts, evolving into a more stronger, leaner and sexier version in the process.

Who we are For:  For the modern day busy individuals trying to take control of their health and fitness, in both mental and physical aspect.  We are for the person, who has a life beyond the gym and kitchen and wants to keep it that way.  We cater to the 30+ audience with busy schedules, responsibilities, school, jobs, relationships, children, hobbies and other commitments that fill each day to capacity.

How will we do this: By sharing simple and effective scientifically based and personally tested food and fitness methods towards healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.  We cater to busy people as we perfectly understand what’s it like to not having enough hours in the day.  With young children, full time jobs, entrepreneur endeavours, family and friends commitments, we have perfected the success formula of living a high-pace life with more energy and looking sexy while doing it.  And, we are loving and enjoying the whole process, maximizing on the moments while making beautiful memories.  You too can do the same!

On our blog, you will see motivating photos of us taken regularly throughout the year.  The fully energized shredded bodies with 6-pack abs and not a product of some special photoshoot but a casual impromptu pictures taken from personal smartphone on any day of the year.  These photos are shared through our blog posts within articles discussing body systems, exercise and diet principles. You can read them all, drawing personal conclusions or just pick up any of our nutrition and training books describing a step-by-step process towards a Stronger Leaner Faster You!

A little bit more chatter if you have the time…

© Photography by Mark Whitehead

Photo Credits – Mark Whitehead

Modern lifestyle comes as a double sided coin with great medical advancements which treat severe diseases and save countless lives.  The technological leaps made physical distance between people irrelevant through instant communications. However, the other side of the modern life is that these rapid progresses negatively effect our health.

Most of us lead busy lives with demanding schedules filled with jobs, school, family, friends and other commitments.  The very little personal time that we do have is often replaced with psychological convenience of watching computer or television screens.  Being constantly engaged, our bodies do not get opportunity to recover from daily stressors.  The body begins to fall further behind both physically and psychologically within this never-ending cycle.  Chasing life deadlines with little proper rest results in time saving strategies that come at a cost of personal health.  These short-cuts create poor diets and lack of exercise, increasing the risk for obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and insomnia.  We find ourselves in a reality where there it is difficult to find five minutes for personal peace and quiet, let alone hours devoted to exercising and meal preparation.

If this partially or entirely describes your situation, you are not alone.  At Science and Strength (S&S) we are no strangers to modern day responsibilities, exhaustive calendar, while chasing timelines.  With 9-to-5 and beyond schedules we too fell into revolving cycle of convenient foods and lack of proper exercise resulting in weight gain, poor sleep and being constantly tired.  Wanting change led us towards a path of research, practical of training and flexible nutrition experimentation resulting in program to success.  These results surpassed beyond aesthetics improving our internal systems (hormones), heart rate, energy levels, mental clarity and overall physical fitness.

As Science writers, our mission is to help you achieve your fitness, nutrition and mind-to-body potentials with an everyday modern life.  S&S researches and presents relevant content on fitness and nutrition that is relevant, practical and scientifically based.  Our goal is for S&S readers to experience health and wellness success in today’s busy, stressful existence, discovering a new state than just surviving the next deadline.

Meet the Team

© Photography by Mark Whitehead

Dupinder Yablonsky, B.Sc.

Major: Cell Biology and Genetics

A scientist by trade, Dupinder worked in several research and forensic laboratories.  A foodie by nature, Dupinder was always passionate about Food, Wine and Cheese.  After having two children, Dupinder struggled to lose the last 15 pounds of post-pregnancy weight.  With the initial goal of getting back into favourite pair of jeans, she immersed herself in research on nutrition and exercise.  What began as a short term weight loss plan, has grown into life passion for strong foundation of healthy living.  To pursue her passion for science, food and human body, Dupinder co-founded Science and Strength where she researches and creates nutritional and fitness content as well as photography for the blog.

At Science and Strength, food and training methods are reviewed and practically tested.  Dupinder analyzed numerous health and fitness strategies and fads, separating fact from fiction.  As the result Dupinder lost all of her post pregnancy weight, maintaining a lean body and flat stomach year round.  You can read more about her health struggles to improve her quality of life at The No-Diet Book and Stronger Leaner Faster Her page.

© Photography by Mark Whitehead

Victor Yablonsky B.Sc., CSCS

Major: Biology and Chemistry

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Victor is passionate about Training!  He picked up his first barbell at 14 and began progressively overloading his body even since.  With time and inconsistent training, Victor developed a number of upper and lower body injuries (learn more at Stronger Leaner Faster Him).  Modern day lifestyle, poor eating habits, and inability to exercise to full capacity, resulted in Victor’s steady weight gain (learn more at The No-Diet Book).  Tipping the scale of 272 pounds, Victor began to show health risk signs relating to excess body weight and often had difficult time matching energy levels of his two children. 

To change, Victor utilized his science background and began to research and analyze training principles to not only lose body fat, but produce a maintainable Stronger, Leaner, Faster body.  All these factors led to the philosophy of this Site – Periodization Training and Lifestyle Habits.  As a father, a husband and an entrepreneur, Victor studies, tests and develops training content for Science and Strength, including all of the posted routines.  By using Stronger, Leaner, Faster principles, Victor lost almost sixty pounds and maintains a washboard stomach 365 days a year.